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Caitlin Brune

Mindful/conscious leadership, program strategy, personal and professional development and coaching, researcher and writer


Cailtin is skillfull in research, content curation and summary, especially around JEDI (justice, equity, diversity/inclusion); anti-racist practice and white people’s work; mindful leadership; leading with intention; trauma; reparations; healing justice. Through her consulting practice,  hOMe consulting, Caitlin coaches individual leaders, especially white people leading racial equity-focused efforts to root into their values and vision, even under pressure. Caitlin is also skilled in initiating mindfulness practice within teams, self-selected communities, and organizations. She enjoys swimming, biking /hiking in the woods and by the sea.  She cares deeply about  Land rematriation to Black farmers and Native American communities, Solidarity Economy and investing that benefits Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and Healing Justice

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