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We provide a range of interrelated services, depending on the challenges you and your organization are facing and the desired outcomes.


We effectively facilitate cross-sector collaboratives and leadership team decision-making discussions. With a neutral perspective, keen sense of group dynamics and a commitment to every voice being heard, our collaboration support helps groups move from ideas to collective action.

Strategic Planning

We help teams identify and clearly define the problem before developing a process that will lead to realistic and actionable solutions. We are resourceful and tap into a wide range of expertise in the field to inform the process and product. 


Our approach to local, regional, and statewide grantmaking is informed by our extensive experience working in the nonprofit sector. We help set funders up for successful partnerships with nonprofits – as it is only when these partnerships exist that systemic and sustainable change can occur.

Thought Partnership

We recognize the considerable stress leaders in the health sector experience as they support their staff and manage their organization’s response to the pandemic, disasters, economic recession, wildfires, and other issues that contribute to increasing health inequities. We provide thought partnership to executive and director-level leaders to clarify pain points, co-create solutions, and tap into their full potential.


Change can be hard.

We are here to help.

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