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California Health Care Foundation

  • Designed and facilitated a reflection and planning process for one team within the foundation that resulted in a new team name (i.e. Advancing People-Centered Care), a shared vision and purpose for the team, and new strategies to support more collaboration among, and beyond, the team.

  • Supported a process to identify and prioritize problems and potential solutions for the Access to Primary Care team to address with new Bodies of Work.  

CARESTAR Foundation

  • Designed and facilitated a strategic planning process to establish the purpose, goals, and strategies of a new foundation focused on improving California’s emergency response system using a race equity lens.

Community Foundation Sonoma County

  • Conducted extensive research on disaster philanthropy and local community needs to help inform the development and administration of a multi-million dollar fund to help low-income communities in Sonoma County recover and rebuild after the devastating wildfires in October 2017.


Disability Communications Fund

  • Built capacity of a new foundation to streamline grantmaking processes, strengthen Board capacity and focus funding priorities for greater impact.


Grantmakers for Effective Organizations

  • Conducted extensive research (literature review and key informant interviews) on funder collaborations and wrote a thorough paper to inform a future publication and national conference on the topic.

Marin Community Foundation

  • Informed the strategic plan for the Health and Aging grant portfolios.


Metta Fund

  • Supported a cross-sector collaborative that planned and implemented a series of virtual meetings in 2020 to inform the funder community about key issues and opportunities that impact older adults (referred to as Aging Intersections: A Funder Network).

  • Designed and facilitated a process to support a funder collaborative focused on addressing social isolation among economically insecure older people living in San Francisco.

  • Synthesized previous assessments, key decisions, and current grant making processes into one document to support the organization’s evolution and decision-making.


Pacific Foundation Services

  • Facilitated a significant refresh of grant funding priorities for well-established family foundation.


Sand Hill Foundation

  • Facilitated an evolutionary process that resulted in a Theory of Change which guides the foundation’s funding decisions related to adolescent mental health

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