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Wendy Todd Consulting helps health-focused organizations learn, plan, and work collaboratively to create a more just and equitable society.


what we believe

Oppression and inequities, of any kind, are untenable and unacceptable. We believe people, organizations, and systems CAN create a more just and equitable society.  Wendy Todd Consulting supports health-focused organizations to advance health equity by designing and facilitating processes for learning, planning, and working more collaboratively. We move community collaboratives, leadership teams and their organizations from paralysis to action, from overwhelmed to energized, from scattered to focused. 

We work with clients who share our guiding principles:


Community members who experience inequities are the experts and hold the answers to questions surrounding root causes and solutions to the inequities they experience. 

Trust-filled relationships can make or break the best intentions. We dedicate time, energy, and heart into every relationship to efficiently and successfully make positive change. 

Untapped resources and power are held among health-focused organizations. We help leaders unlock the possibilities of directing resources and power to intentionally advance health equity.


In addition to being inquisitive and analytical, Wendy brought tremendous empathy to the project.

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Change can be hard. We are here to help!

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